Our Practice

Our patients receive their care from licensed clinicians with demonstrated expertise in their fields. We are working closely and collaboratively with various medical groups as well as other mental health professionals to offer optimal mental health care at our site.

1629 Central Street, Suite 3
Stoughton, MA 02072
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Satellite Office
280 Broadway, Suite 202
Providence, RI 02903
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Our mission and history

Our mission is to empower Individuals, Couples and families to realize their fullest potential.

The well-being of our patients is the top priority of the Empowerment Counseling & Psychotherapy Center, we understand that seeking therapy is a very important decision and patients are seeking real decisions, lasting changes and trusting relationships in a supportive environment.

The Empowerment Counseling & Psychotherapy Center is committed to actively working with those who are ready to explore, change, redesign and rebuild their lives and experience the benefits therapy can provide.

Our core values

  • We believe that healing involves an integration of the mind, body and spirit.
  • We welcome diversity and treat everyone with hospitality, respect, compassion, and dignity
  • We strive for fiscal responsibility and excellence in business practices.
  • We support staff members who work together in community
  • We partner with social service, educational, faith, and business communities to support our mission.

Is Counseling Right For You?

Empowerment Counseling and Psychotherapy Center accepts people where they are, emotionally and psychologically. Our approach is to view each person with dignity and as an individual while also keeping in mind the bio-psychosocial contexts that impact their lives.

We believe in the power of the human spirit and we will explore ways to enhance your resilience in order to rise above the difficult and often complex circumstances you may be facing. We work with individuals, couples and families in an effort to help them to learn new skills and refocus their lives in a way that is meaningful to them while encouraging them to persist in spite of obstacles.

If you are ready for a change you will find yourself at home at Empowerment Counseling and Psychotherapy Center.

Empowerment CPC helps you to turn challenges into opportunities for growth in a way that is non- judgmental, supportive and direct.